Jesus Christ in the New Testament

New Testament readings and videos in chronological order
as listed in Horizontal Harmony of the Four Gospels by Thomas M. Mumford

An Angel Foretells Christ’s Birth to Mary
Mary and Elisabeth Rejoice Together
The Naming of John the Baptist
Mary and Joseph Travel to Bethlehem
Shepherds Learn of the Birth of Christ
The Christ Child is Presented at the Temple
The Wise Men Seek Jesus
Young Jesus Teaches in the Temple
Jesus is Baptized by John
Jesus Turns Water into Wine
Jesus Cleanses the Temple
Jesus Teaches of Being Born Again
Jesus Teaches a Samaritan Woman
Jesus Declares He Is the Messiah
Follow Me, and I Will Make You Fishers of Men
Jesus Heals a Possessed Man
Jesus Forgives Sins and Heals a Man Stricken with Palsy
Jesus Heals a Lame Man on the Sabbath
Jesus Calls Twelve Apostles to Preach and Bless Others
Sermon on the Mount: The Beatitudes
Sermon on the Mount: The Higher Law
Sermon on the Mount: The Lord’s Prayer
Sermon on the Mount: Treasures in Heaven
Widow of Nain
Jesus Acclaims John the Baptist / Come Unto Me
A Woman Anoints Jesus’ Feet with Oil
Jesus Declares the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares
The Kingdom of Heaven
Lesson 21: Jesus Heals a Woman of Faith
Lesson 22: Jesus Raises the Daughter of Jairus
I am the Bread of Life
Thou Art the Christ
Whosoever Will Lose His Life for My Sake Shall Find It
Jesus Teaches that We Must Become as Little Children
Forgive 70 Times 7
Lesson 23: Go and Sin No More
Lesson 24: Jesus Declares: I Am the Light of the World, the Truth Shall Make You Free
Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind
The Good Shepherd and Other Sheep I Have
Lesson 25: Parable of the Good Samaritan
A House Divided
Seek Ye the Kingdom of God
Jesus Declares the Parable of the Lost Sheep
The Prodigal Son
Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me
Christ and the Rich Young Ruler
Lesson 26: The Lord’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
Render Unto Caesar and Unto God
The Greatest Commandment
Lesson 27: Jesus Teaches about the Widow’s Mites
The Ten Virgins
The Parable of the Talents
Ye Have Done it Unto Me
Lesson 29: The Last Supper
Lesson 30: Jesus Warns Peter and Offers the Intercessory Prayer
Lesson 31: The Savior Suffers in Gethsemane
Lesson 32: Jesus Tried by Caiaphas, Peter Denies Knowing Christ
Lesson 33: Jesus Is Condemned Before Pilate
To This End Was I Born
Lesson 34: Jesus Is Scourged and Crucified
Lesson 35: Mary, the Mother of Jesus
Lesson 36: Jesus Is Laid in a Tomb
Lesson 37: Jesus Is Resurrected
Christ Appears on the Road to Emmaus
The Risen Lord Appears to the Apostles
Blessed Are They That Have Not Seen, And Yet Have Believed
Peter and John Heal a Man Crippled Since Birth (Acts 3)
Peter Preaches and Is Arrested (Acts 3, 4)
Peter and John are Judged (Acts 4)
Peter and John Continue Preaching the Gospel (Acts 5)
Peter’s Revelation to Take the Gospel to the Gentiles (Acts 10, 11)
The Jerusalem Conference
The Martyrdom of Stephen
The Road to Damascus
Lesson 38: For God So Loved the World
Lesson 28: Good Tidings of Great Joy: The Birth of Jesus Christ
The Nativity
My Kingdom is Not of This World