Endurance Climb

Heroes and warriors endure and succeed because of their efforts to serve, sacrifice, and make peace. Your desire and ability to do great things will be enhanced as you learn the patterns of heroes and join in the hero’s quest.

The Book of Mormon contains great examples of what heroes do and how we can be heroes, too. Below is a running list of what heroes do that I am compiling from my studies and elaborating on in my blogs. I invite you to study this book and share your insights and applications, too.

Heroes ask, learn, and do.
Heroes ask for and accept support and guidance.
Heroes accept the call of duty.
Heroes act according to the will of His Holy Spirit.
Heroes act and speak with confidence because of their confidence in the Lord.
Heroes are a light and a standard to the world.
Heroes are armed with righteousness and with the power of God.
Heroes are cleansed.
Heroes are established in the right way.
Heroes are fruitful.
Heroes are humble followers of Christ.
Heroes are led by light and truth.
Heroes are led by the Spirit.
Heroes are refined by their trials.
Heroes are spiritually minded.
Heroes are warriors. Warriors make peace.
Heroes believe in Him.
Heroes build and create.
Heroes choose life eternal.
Heroes delight in Christ.
Heroes desire to know.
Heroes desire to rejoice.
Heroes do not contend.
Heroes do hard things.
Heroes do not go down. Heroes do not give up. Heroes go up again.
Heroes do the next good thing.
Heroes do things which are pleasing to God.
Heroes choose works of light.
Heroes comfort with words and actions of faith and love.
Heroes focus on family.
Heroes follow the directions.
Heroes follow Christ.
Heroes frankly forgive.
Heroes give thanks.
Heroes go and do what God commands.
Heroes harden not their hearts.
Heroes hearken unto the Lamb of God.
Heroes hold fast unto the word of God.
Heroes inquire of the Lord.
Heroes keep a record.
Heroes keep the commandments.
Heroes keep covenants.
Heroes know that knowledge is power.
Heroes know peace comes from righteous living.
Heroes know the Lord is with them.
Heroes learn about family history and family heroes.
Heroes liken and learn.
Heroes live after the manner of happiness.
Heroes live like Him.
Heroes look and learn.
Heroes look upward.
Heroes make peace.
Heroes persuade men to come unto God.
Heroes prepare the way.
Heroes publish peace.
Heroes put on the armor of God.
Heroes put on strength.
Heroes receive more of God’s word.
Heroes remember the whys.
Heroes sacrifice and serve.
Heroes search the scriptures.
Heroes see a great light. Heroes seek the Light.
Heroes seek to bring forth Zion.
Heroes set an example.
Heroes stand together.
Heroes stay themselves upon the Lord.
Heroes trust in the Lord.
Heroes Work in the Light.
Jesus Christ is our greatest hero.