Home School

Home School: Why? Why not?

Home School: Where Do I Start?

Home School: How?
How to Conduct Mentor Meetings?
Listen & Learn
AIM Assessment Questions for Scholars and Adults
How to Structure Time, Not Content?
Simple Sample of Daily Times

Sample Weekly Study Summaries for Students to Complete, Share & Discuss with Mentor:
Core/Love of Learning Sample 1
Core/Love of Learning Sample 2
Scholar Study Summary Sample 1
Scholar Study Summary Sample 2

Sample “Climb x 2” Plans with Inquiries to use for yearly areas of focus and study for all:
A House Divided: 1860-1900
Heroes Serve & Sacrifice: 1865-1945 (will be modified in 2015 to 1900-1945)

Sample Scholar Personalized Educational Plan. Resource for scholars to determine areas of focus and study.

Sample Transcript for Scholars compiled based on Scholar Weekly Study Summaries (see above samples).

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