The Hallmark of Heroes

1 Nephi 15
Obedience is the hallmark of heroes. Nephi was obedient and faithful in keeping the commandments and asking of the Lord and had received great knowledge as he was “carried away in the spirit.” As Nephi returned to his father’s tent, his brothers were arguing over the things their father had told them because they did not understand all of them and had questions. Nephi asked them: “Have ye inquired of the Lord?

His brethren responded that they had not, “for the Lord maketh no such thing known unto us.” Nephi explained to them that by not asking the Lord they were not keeping his commandments and were setting themselves up to “perish, because of the hardness of [their] hearts.

Nephi said, “Do ye not remember the things which the Lord hath said?—If ye will not harden your hearts, and ask me in faith, believing that ye shall receive, with diligence in keeping my commandments, surely these things shall be made known unto you” (1 Nephi 15:11). Heroes “inquire of the Lord; and…look unto the Lord” that they might receive understanding and “come to the knowledge of their Redeemer and the very points of his doctrine, that they may know how to come unto him and be saved” (1 Nephi 15:14).

Heroes do all they can to come closer to the Lord so that they might be armed and strengthened for the battles they face. Nephi explained to his brothers that the rod of iron their father saw in vision “was the word of God; and whoso would hearken unto the word of God, and would hold fast unto it, they would never perish; neither could the temptations and the fiery darts of the adversary overpower them unto blindness, to lead them away to destruction” (1 Nephi 15:24).

There is great power and protection that comes to us as we read the word of God contained in the scriptures every day and live it. The Primary song, “Scripture Power,” shares what great heroes know and do to “be strong and of good courage” (see Joshua 1:7-9):

Scripture power keeps me safe from sin.
Scripture power is the power to win.
Scripture power! Ev’ry day I need
The power that I get each time I read.

I’ll find the sword of truth in each scripture that I learn.
I’ll take the shield of faith from these pages that I turn.
I’ll wear each vital part of the armor of the Lord,
And fight my daily battles, and win a great reward.

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