Obedience through Our Faithfulness

Thanks for joining me in studying and applying the inspired counsel of living prophets from this most recent general conference. I look forward to learning and sharing together as we each “resolve to do a little better” in our guided climb to come closer to our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Review and study the entire talk: “Obedience through Our Faithfulness” by Elder L. Tom Perry, April 2014.

Here are some of my favorite points and questions to ponder. Please share your insights and applications in the comment section:

1. “During my boyhood, we interacted with members of our extended family daily and shared moments of working, playing, and visiting together.

How have your interactions with extended family members strengthened your faith? How have your interactions with extended family members increased your desire to be obedient? How can you build stronger intergenerational connections?

2.  “The lesson my grandfather taught me was always to be ready to receive the gentle tug of the Spirit. He taught me that I would always receive such a prompting if I ever veered off course. And I would never be guilty of more serious wrongdoings if I allowed the Spirit to guide me in my decisions….We must be sensitive to our spiritual bits. Even with the slightest tug from the Master, we must be willing to completely alter our course. To succeed in life, we must teach our spirit and body to work together in obedience to God’s commandments. If we heed the gentle promptings of the Holy Ghost, it can unite our spirits and bodies in a purpose that will guide us back to our eternal home to live with our eternal Father in Heaven.”

Think of a time when you felt the gentle tug of the Spirit guiding you in your decision. How has following such a prompting united your spirit and body more with each other and with the Lord?

3. “Too often we think of obedience as the passive and thoughtless following of the orders or dictates of a higher authority. Actually, at its best, obedience is an emblem of our faith in the wisdom and power of the highest authority, even God. When Abraham demonstrated his unwavering faithfulness and obedience to God, even when commanded to sacrifice his son, God rescued him. Similarly, when we demonstrate our faithfulness through obedience, God will ultimately rescue us.

“Those who rely solely on themselves and follow only their own desires and self-inclinations are so limited when compared to those who follow God and tap into His insight, power, and gifts [see Hebrews 11].…Strong, proactive obedience is anything but weak or passive. It is the means by which we declare our faith in God and qualify ourselves to receive the powers of heaven. Obedience is a choice. It is a choice between our own limited knowledge and power and God’s unlimited wisdom and omnipotence. According to the lesson my grandfather gave to me, it is a choice to sense the spiritual bit in our mouths and follow the driver’s lead.”

Think of a time when you chose to be obedient. Did you receive greater knowledge, understanding, power, or peace as a result of your obedience? 

4. “Each of us is a son or daughter of God, and we have a unique premortal and mortal story. Accordingly, there are very few one-size-fits-all solutions. And so I fully recognize the trial-and-error nature of life and, most importantly, the constant need of the second principle of the gospel, even repentance.

Think of a time when you chose disobedience. How did you feel? What did you learn through the process of repentance?

5. “Today’s complexity demands greater simplicity.”

How can you know if you are always doing the right thing? Why do you want to do the right thing? How can you return to Heavenly Father if you’ve moved away from Him? Why do you want to be with Him?

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